MOA Gives Out Agro Machineries To Farmers In Bong

MOA Gives Out Agro Machineries To Farmers In Bong
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(Gbarnga, Bong County, November 14, 2020): - Towards moving from subsistence to mechanized agriculture, the Minister of Agriculture, Jeanine Milly Cooper, on Saturday handed over several agro processing equipment to farmers in Central Liberia.

The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) purchased those machineries in 2011; had been in crates and lying at a MOA’s facility in Gbarnga.
Incubators meant to increase eggs hatchery, rice threshers for harvesting, cassava mills to process raw cassava into different products and generators to power some of the machineries were the equipment given out today.

They will be rotationally used among farmers in that part of the country which will be supervised through the County Agriculture Office.
Minister Cooper, accompanied by her Deputy Minister for Extension, George T. Forpoh, personally oversaw the equipment distribution to ensure farmers received them to increase their outputs.

“Passion Farms received two incubators and one generator. They currently have 2,000 layers and hope to expand to 20,000. They now have the capacity to have their own hatchery that will serve their needs and those of dozens of other poultry farmers near them”, she noted.
Manipalay Farmers Group, Sankofa Farm, Cassava Processors in Suakoko are among the recipients. Mechanized farming is one of the key goals of the ministry since Minister Cooper took over in February.