Smallholder Tree Crop Revitalization Support Project (STCRSP/IFAD)


    Location: One (1) County: Lofa,
    Type Of Project: Loan
    Type Of Support: Cocoa & Coffee Rehabilitation
    Source Of Funding: IFAD, GoL, Private Sector, Beneficiaries
    Executing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture
    Implementing Agency/Unit: Programme Management Unit (PMU)
    Budget: USD 24.9 millions
    Project Duration: Five (5) yrs: July l 2012 – December 2017



    Empower the rural poor to increase their food security & improve their livelihoods in Lofa County by IFAD


    1. Increase incomes of targeted cocoa & coffee smallholder producers

    Targeted Beneficiaries:

    15,000 smallholder farmers

    Project Components:

    1. Cocoa & Coffee revitalization,
    2. Rehabilitation of Farm to Market Roads,
    3. Institution Capacity Building,
    4. Project Management

    Expected Results:

    15000 smallholder farmers use improved cocoa & coffee product’s and have access to drying , storage & packing facilities; 315 km of farm to market roads rehabilitated;  3 no. cooperatives legally instituted and have access to technical advice


    Services, Works, Seeds, Technical Assistance

    Project Status: Ongoing

    Project Sustainability plan:

    The project will revitalized  cocoa farmers and provide improve varieties of cocoa which will produce and marketed by farmers through farmers cooperative and post harvest processing facilities will be encouraged to  add value  to the product produce by farmers in the counties with improve road net work for movement

     Project Focal Person:  PRINCETTA CLINTON VARMAH