Agricultural and Infrastructure Development Program (AIDP/WB) - COMPLETED

    This is a US$8 million grant from IDA/World Bank for the Agriculture Development Component of US$37 million grant. Balanced funds used by MPW for construction and rehabilitation of roads and bridges.  The project officially came to an end on 31st October 2012.
    The project has three major components: (1) Policy Reform and Institutional Support, (2) Agriculture and Infrastructure Investments, and (3) Project Management and Capacity Building.


    The emphasis is on strengthening seed multiplication, agricultural production and marketing; productive infrastructure, rehabilitation of rural roads. Improved policy formulation and monitoring capacity, collaboration between MOA and resident farmers, via farmer-based organizations (FBOs) to increase the production and sales of quality rice seed, strengthen market oriented FBOs and improve rehabilitated marketing infrastructure
    Location: Bong, Lofa, Bomi, Gbarpolu and Grand Kru Counties
    Type Of Project: Grant
    Type Of Support: Infrastructure, capacity building
    Source Of Funding: World Bank/IDA
    Executing Agency: infrastural implmenetation unit
    Implementing Agency/Unit: Programme Management Unit (PMU)
    Budget: IDA-US5million & GTF-US3 million
    Project Duration: July 17, 2007 – October 31, 2013



    To rebuild and restore physical assets as well as restoring economic activities


    To support Government’s efforts in re-establishing basic infrastructure and reviving the agriculture activities

    Targeted Beneficiaries:

    3500 smallholder farmers and MOA staff (30% women)

    Project Components:

    1. Policy Reform and Institutional Support
    2. Agriculture and Infrastructure Investments
    3. Project Management and Capacity Building

    Expected Results:

    Improved policy formulation and monitoring capacity, collaboration between MOA  and resident farmers, via FBOs to increase the production and sales of quality rice seed, strengthened market oriented FBOs and improved rehabilitated marketing infrastructure.


    Agricultural Implements, improved varities of foundation seeds , Technical Services, Goods & Supplies, Water management Infrastructure, Training  & capacity Building.

    Project Status: Ongoing

    Project Sustainability plan:

    Government’s priorities must be on a selective basis, by providing assistance in hardware (marketing infrastructure) and software (assistance to farmers’ groups) to help rebuild a rural economy, given the enormous challenge and limited resources

    Project Focal Person: DAX TUAH


    e-mail: phone No.: 886550879