SPS National Enquiry Point/National Notification Authority

    SPS  NEP/NNA Contact Information


    Contact information for NNA

    • Contact name:                              Joseph R.N. Anderson
    • Name of institution:                      Ministry of Agriculture 
    • Email: SPSNNA@moa.gov.lr
    • Tel: +231 775 630 223
    Contact information for NEP: 
    • Contact name:                              Augustus B.G. Fahnbullah   
    • Name of institution:                     Ministry of Agriculture
    • Email: SPSNEP@moa.gov.lr
    Postal address / physical address:                     
     Libsuco, Old L.P.R.C Road,
     Somalia Drive, Gardnersville 
    1000 Monrovia, 10 Liberia
     Website address:  www.moa.gov.lr; Technical; Animal Resources or Quarantine and you will find information on SPS

    SPS National Enquiry Point has been established at the Department of Technical Services under the Ministry of Agriculture as per transparency provision of WTO member with role and responsible for the collection of SPS related data & information and disseminate to the member countries and stakeholders. SPS related rules & regulation, standards, guidelines shall be intercommunicated within the forum of member countries via SPS National Enquiry Point.


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